The Path of Blessing: Experiencing the Energy and Abundance of the Divine


How to use the traditional Jewish practice of asking God to bless each action as a profound path of spiritual growth.A simple Hebrew blessing is a powerful thing -- a one-minute, deeply meditative exercise exploring the nature of the Creative Force we call God and the dynamic relationship between God, human consciousness, and the unfolding universe. Rabbi Prager guides us through the opening words of a Hebrew blessing, revealing how the letters and words combine to promote joy and appreciation, wonder and thankfulness, amazement and praise. Each word becomes a stepping stone inviting us to discover the infinitely abundant Presence of God flowing through even the smallest actions of our lives.In the ancient language of Jewish tradition and the modern language of feminist consciousness, creation theology, and psychology, Marcia Prager brings the words of the Hebrew invocation dramatically alive.


What a beautiful read. Rabbi Prager's delving into the deep and hidden meaning of each word makes for a very satisfying exploration of the day to day Bracha, and a deepening understanding of Jewish spirituality.

For anyone searching for meaning in prayer. With language and metaphors that are accessible, Rabbi Prager opens a world of meaning as she explores and reveals meanings within the words, even the letters of the words, just as understanding molecules , atoms and galaxies opens a window to understanding our cosmos, as she explores prayer. Her understanding and teaching leads one to the logical conclusion that even as we breathe, as we notice the world within and without, we pray and each of us is instilled with G-d spark. Skeptical at first, I soon found that I was compelled to read, and at times re-read as new ideas and interpretations found their way home.

Anyone interested in Jewish spiritual practice should read this book. I am a rabbi and am always looking for the best books to give to my adult students who are interested in Judaism. The Path of Blessing is one of these books. With clarity, wit, and graceful and concise writing Rabbi Marcia Prager illuminates the deep meaning and purpose of the Jewish practice of offering blessings as a means to awaken consciousness and gratitude. In the process Rabbi Prager offers a fabulous primer on the core principles of Jewish mysticism that infuse all of Jewish life. Rabbi Prager has given us a gift of scholarship, wisdom, and heart.

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