A Machzor for Rosh Hashanah


A new Machzor for Rosh HaShanah that is consistent with the style and approach of the P'nai Or Siddurim for Shabbat.

The Machzor, like the P’nai Or Siddurim, was created as a vehicle to explore how traditional and novel approaches to Jewish prayer can blend, so that the experience of Jewish prayer can be renewed, revitalized and deepened.

The Machzor features:

  • a truly user-friendly layout
  • easy-to-read, clear Hebrew in a clean, kind-to-the-eye font.
  • poetic gender-neutral English, in a contemporary idiom, that can be ‘davvened’ alongside the Hebrew
  • translations that bring out the inner sparkle of the Hebrew prayer poetry.
  • a traditional matbeya for the Rosh Hashanah evening and day services
  • new liturgical approaches to deepen engagement with the heart-and soul-opening purpose of the day.

Copies of this preliminary edition are available in limited quantities. 

From the Introduction

“Prayer can be electric and alive! Prayer can touch the soul, burst forth a creative celebration of the spirit and open deep wells of gratitude, longing and praise. Prayer can connect us to our Living Source and to each other, enfolding us in love and praise, wonder and gratitude, awe and thankfulness. Jewish prayer in its essence is soul dialogue and calls us into relationship within and beyond. Through the power of words and melodies both ancient and new, we venture into realms of deep emotion and find longing, sorrow, joy, hope, wholeness, connection and peace. When guided by skilled leaders of prayer and ritual, our complacency is challenged. We break through outworn assumptions about God and ourselves, and emerge refreshed and inspired to meet the challenges our lives offer.”

( Rabbis Marcia Prager and Shawn Israel Zevit)