Amidah Meditation Cards


Nineteen blessings of praise, hope, holiness, healing, restoration and peace, beautifully illustrated and translated into guided imagery, with instruction booklet.

The Amidah is one of the most powerful meditations in Jewish spiritual practice. The Amidah cards offer you each of the ancient nineteen blessings in guided imagery, so you can participate in this soul-expanding journey in a new and inspiring way. The blessings are like a path of luminous gateways that lead you forward, guiding you in a process of spiritual transformation.  Familiarize yourself with all of them to use them as a personal meditation practice. As you can see, they are beautiful and inspiring just to sit with. Enter each blessing and discover the inner work it holds for you!

Also included: bonus Shabbos card so you can use these mediation cards every day of the week!