Resources for your Pesach preparations and your seder on the P'nai Or Philadelphia Website

Check out all these resources for your Pesach preparations and your seder
We offer this array of resources that you can use to create your own wonderful seder, even if you have never done this before.
• Haggadah to Download
• Kabbalistic Arrangement of Symbolic Passover Foods
• Order of the Seder
• Kasher your Kitchen for Pesach
• The Months of Spring Purim to Pesach
• Pour Out Your Love- An alternative reading
• A note about Pesach on Friday and Saturday
• Havdalah insert for Festival Kiddush on Sat. night
• Personal Process Questions for PESACH
• Resources for Counting the Omer (begins second night
• For Seventh Night Seder: Serach Haggadah Supplement
• Charoset Recipes from Around the Globe
• Musical Resources for Seder
Brush up on your Seder melodies, as sung by Hazzan Jack Kessler. Enjoy! Lots of great melodies are here.