Dreidl - A Simple Toy, or Is It?

On my shelf, I have a wild assortment of dreidls. After all, it is rare that any mitzvah that can be artistic remains unembellished. I have jars of plastic dreidls of all colors, dreidls of silver filigree, dreidls carved of olivewood, ones made of clay, and even one tiny dreidl – easily a hundred years old – made of "oferet yetzukah" – pressed lead.

Enjoy this excerpt from "Live With the Times,” by Rabbi Marcia Prager

(a chapter in Jewish Spiritual Direction, edited by Howard A. Addison and Barbara Eve Breitman , published by Jewish Lights.)


A High Holiday Greeting from Rabbi Marcia

On Erev Rosh HaShanah, Jews throughout the world come together to celebrate the New Year and embark on the high and holy work of the High Holidays.

I send you love and brachas for the New Year! May it be a year of prosperity, health, peace, abundance and renewed hope for the future.

Yom Kippur Customs

Why we

  • Wear White
  • Wear a Talit for Kol Nidre
  • Avoid Wearing Leather

There are those who teach that we wear white on Yom Kippur to be like the angels with whom we sing Kadosh! Kadosh! Together we yearn to ascend, to be lighter, more clear, clean, pure and transparent.

The Spiritual Journey from Purim Through Passover

If you have been watching the night sky, perhaps you saw the first sliver of the new moon last week. In the Jewish world, we’re moon-watchers, because each new month begins on the new “moon-th.” In early Spring, or sometimes even late winter, we celebrate the New Moon of the Hebrew month called Adar, the month whose motto is: “With the month of Adar, Joy increases!” Why ?

Shanah Tovah - Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday evening September 16th!

Enjoy this teaching from my beloved rebbe, Reb Zalman:


Because it is before the High Holy Days I want to write about Binyan HaMalkhut  (literally: building the Kingdom)

Tisha b'Av

Tisha b'Av is a crucial aspect of the spiritual/historical cycle of the Jewish year. Tisha b'Av is a time of grief, yet our Tisha b'Av gathering also reminds us that hope can spring from destruction in surprising ways.

At the Sea of Reeds: A creative telling based on the midrash

For a whole week we walked and ran through the hot desert with Moshe, Miriam and Aharon leading the way. We were escaping from slavery! We were getting out of Mitzrayim! With a strong arm of justice The Holy One, the One God of the Universe, had helped us escape. We were rushing so fast that no one even had time to bake any bread for the journey.

Shiva: a Time for Grief, and Healing

Our Jewish traditions offer a deeply meaningful way to walk the mourner's path – a walk that is part of life.